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                          IN A NUT-SHELL
  Shankars' World of Magic is a family of magicians. Prof. Shankar, his wife Lakshmi Shankar, son Shankar Junior (Tejaswi), daughter-in-law Maithili and daughter Yashaswini are all active performers in the magical presentation, they call - GILI GILI MAGIC  TM

Shankars' World of Magic has used magic not only for entertaining packed audience with dazzeling illusions, but also to create awareness among the people about national integration, spirituality, blind beliefs and to publicise various service / schemes of the Government and private sector.

Some of the unique magic feats of the Shankars include -
  Catching a bullet with the bare hand - 1966
  Politician disppears in mid air -1994
  Vanishing of live elephant in the open ground-1996
  Recreation of the legendry Indian Rope Trick - 1997
  Kargil Magic- 2000
  Death Sword escape-2000
  Vanishing of India Gate - 2001
  Catching of 2 Bullets - with the hand and between the teeth - 02
  Under Water Escape - 2002
  Enlightenment Through Entertainment (Spiritual Magic) - 03
  Taj Mahal Vanish - 2011

Shankars' World of Magic has been recognized by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR). The North Zone Cultural Centre (NZCC) arranged their magic shows several times for special occasions all around North India.

They are the only magicians from India to have attended six international magicians' conventions including -


International Brotherhood of Magicians' Convention at Pittsburgh (1981)


Society of American Magicians' Convention at Houston (1982)


Federation of International Societies of Magicians Convention (FISM) at Switzerland (1991)


The Dutch Magicians' Convention at Leewarden (1996)


The 70th Annual Convention of the International Brotherhood of Magicians at Los Angeles (1998)


Federation of International Societies of Magicians Convention at The Hague in 2003

Gili Gili-94, Gili Gili -97 and Gili Gili 2001 are the three International Magicians' Conventions successfully organised at Udupi by Shankars' World of Magic.