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The Shankars various lectures and seminars with magical demonstrations on various magic related topics.

These lectures and seminars are usually organised by professional schools & colleges for the spreading of awareness about magic.

"What is Magic ?" is a basic question in everyone's mind. These lectures and seminars try to answer this question. It gives full information about the art & science of magic. It gives examples of various types of magic and the way they are presented. Each topic is presented with a magic effect which enhances the overall impact of the talk.

It also includes the various tricks used by fake godmen to cheat people of their belongings.

The Shankars have presented this type of seminars for various social service organizations like the JCs, Rotary & Lions Clubs, Professional Colleges like T A Pai Institute of Management (Manipal), National Institute of Technology  Karnataka (Surathkal), Poornaprajna Institute of Management (Udupi), Guru Nanak Dev University (Amritsar), and others.